Is better to drive your own car or contact a taxi?

How do you feel more comfortable? Is it the same to be at home than rent a bedroom? Or eating domestic food or in a restaurant? Going out with your friends than with your classmates? There are several questions which we have to compare one thing with the another to know what we really prefer.

Being in France is one of the goal for many people, but what about the way they move to other places? There are taxis, train, buses, and anothers means. Taxis are in all the country looking for passengers to take. Some people prefer to walk and it is ok; others like to use the train to go farther and no paying a lots; a less group of people use the buses to save money. But do you think if you have your car there can be different?

Being comfortable in other city that is not where you live, is some disturbing, you do not have your friends, you do not feel confidence to do what you like, you do not know what would happen if you break a law without knowing what you do is a crime. There is not your favorite food, neither your closest friend nor your mom. But we talk about France, a country that lodge people from all around the world. Even so, we must be careful about what we do, if we drive our car for the roads, we could know more places on the ways, but if we donot want to stop, just go forward and still visiting the first places you go.

Sometimes is good to go by the streets and to find people from others countries, start to interact and becoming friends. But we still asking if is better to drive our own car or contact a taxi while we visit the awesome country of France; we could find a lot of taxis right there, over and over again they cross the streets and take people to different places; with expensive trips and extensive distance or great tours and excellent rates. We have beautifulgardens, parks, wild nature reserves and more historical centers where we just choose which to visit.

Taking a cab is a good way to travel, doing shops, go to work and attend classes; but if you have your own car, it is another story. You drive as fast as you want, take stops, go wherever place you wish. But to drive in France is a quiet different, because each country has diferents laws on the road, and France can not be the exception; if you want to drive there, you must know the rules or you could doa visit to the jail. We consider that travel without an own carmake the trip a few more interesting, we have to look for the means to move from the places we are and take risks with taxis which we do not know their routes. Travel by cab or bus is a diferent experience and why not to try it, the adventures we look for could be on one cab.

We could say that is better in our own cars, but if we do not know the rules, we do not know the roads, how could we get to our destination? There are roads of just one way, and if we do not know it, we may have a crash and get a traffic ticket. So it is important to understand about rules and roads to get to the places we look for. If we do not know which road follow, just ask to the citizens, they will be more than pleasant to help you.Sometimes when you ask about address, people say anothers, so be ready if you find one person of that kind; you could walk a lots, could you spend your last coin or be exhausted.

The true is that as we can say it is better to drive our own car by France, but exist the cons which is that we must know about french traffic laws. But also to contact a taxi is some disgusting, because of the expensive fares, the reduced space if you go with others on it, there is not a conclussion yet; taxis and our own cars serve per different uses. We can use our car to travel far distance, and the cabs for going near, to the job or college. With our cars we havethe facility to travel at nights if we want, but when we have to take cabs, each minute later and you could pay the doublé of the rafe; the cabs drivers usually work at that way; if you go at night, you must prepare your wallet.

France is a great tourism destination, and taxis are in all the streets they imagine. Contact a taxi if you want, do what you think is better for you. If you do not want to drive, just do a call and ask for one. But if you want to go farther, take your car and drive yourself, you speed as you wish, do stops on stores you see, or take a nap when you arrive to your objective; there is not a better thing than drive their own car, particularly if you go with someone, it is not easy to go with a taxi driver who is looking all the things you do; driving an own car offers the one hundred percent of privacy, there is not anybody else; you could discover places and enjoy them, spend more time with your friends or simply to realx and have a time alone.

To take a taxi is going to be faster than to drive our own car, because they know the roads better; however sometimes will be stressful, because the taxi drivers take longer routes, charge more, talk about nasty things or they feel the owner of Paris. When you want to take a taxi instead driving your car, just take the same contact which you have called per last trips. This is a good way to save money and to gain new packages. The question still being no answer, and many people think that is better to drive his/her own car than ask for a taxi; both of them have reason, because the ideas can serve. Use your own car to do private adventures, but a taxi if you do not know where to go.

It is being a dilemma which is renting or driving your own car, but they use their different situations to used them, we can not only answer that question, but to say what is the reason, why the people is growing so fast, Taxi´s segment, is one of the most wanted. Because the most of the people hate to drive, that’s the reason why taxis keep growing in France. Citizens are learning new ways to treat the customers. Politeness classes, interaction and sociable abilities, the language acquisition, deffensive driving and the learning of first aids. The world is changing and we have to be prepared, that is the reason why taxi drivers are training to offer better service.

What if i decide to travel three or four days; the best and more economic way to go is renting a taxi, because if you want to drive your car around here. Taking yours would be too expensive. If you think you could travel for more days, you must use the ship. There are a lot of pros and cons which stablished according distance, time and money. As farther you go as more than you must pay. If you rent a taxi and let the time goes, when you see, you have to pay more than you can handle.

It is clearly important to know the benefits to drive by themselves and to rent a taxi. To contact a taxi in France is easy, and they are ready to be paid; but using your own car, you find less money to waste, because you drive and is nobody who stop you or want to charge money for the services. Once you have been proved the differences must take in count other point. The food, you need to eat, the drink you take or the place to visit around you; the hotel where you stay or the taxi you have to pay to take you to differents places; those are things that although we need at home, when we go out, we miss.

What if you go farther than normal, just a day by Paris, but you know that road is terrible, do you use your car or a taxi? We definitely use a cab, no one want to damage their own vehicle. To answer that question we must study the pos and cons, so we have been doing it, and we are more easygoing, now. The problem of roads are that they have differents signal, some unknown for us and another ones known. But the main problem is to go in your own car and damage it on that horrible way, so it is much bettter to send people to tried first and then to listen the best way to go there; go in a cab, it is safer to your vehicle, you pay less and do not make your car down.

Many people when travel to France, like to be the passenger, they do not care about driving; they consider the emotions to feel when they are not in front of the wheel. The other cons is that you do not exactly how far you could go, and that makes you think more about let your car at home or not. But certainly your first mission is enjoying the holy days, keeping your head up and try to relax yourself, look for adventures without your car, and feel free.

We still thinking that we can use our cars and in other cases we do not. It useful to drive our cars, but few times the people invite to eat or drink something, you have no to drive if you drink; you safe your life, although you must walk or ask for ride, you will be sure and safe; if you like to drink, you could not drive, so it is better to let the car at home, unless go with you a designated driver. In this case, we specially think it is better to contact a taxi for personal safety and to avoid accidents on the roads, but we think that all drivers would like to go with their cars, they can not, because of the drinks. In fact if they do not let their cars, they must not drink at all, because after one, come the others. And as we have been seeing it is not just for drinking, is to care the car, to go more free, to enjoy with new people and interact with those who find on the France museums, parks  or simply on the street. Go walking is not so bad, you stop to eat a sandwich and drink a soda, go running to the stadium or just stay in a bank sitted down to spend the time while return home. And the best thing is that you meet people from others countries and starta talk, they are interesting and kinds; that is what we lost when we go in the car and do not stop to know the person we find reading a book or listening music.

Finally we say that as you can let your car safe, you could drive it, too; the important is that you enjoy the travel, relax from the regular days and know new people, take new topics and learn more about France in voice of a different nationality person. Remember to exchange numbers and keep in contact with the people you know and the cabman who was the person which were moving you around France, no taking more money that the meter charge. Great holydayswill be waitingforyou.